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Detroit Boudoir Photography-Detroit Whimsy Boudoir Photographer

the Detroit Whimsy Boudoir Difference

Detroit Boudoir Photographer-Kelli Walker at Whimsy Boudoir

hey there, I’m Kelli,

Your Detroit boudoir photographer


To me boudoir photography is so much more than sexy images. It’s an experience to embrace your true form, heal old wounds, and fall in love with yourself. That’s why each client that come’s to the studio, I strive to ensure their session is just as unique as they are.

We spend the time to get to know one another before and during photoshoots. Laugh, tell stories and build a comfortable connection and it shows in their images. No stranger danger over here!


The human body is a beautiful thing and I’m here to prove that beauty has no limits. Each of us deserves to express ourselves without feeling ashamed of our sexuality.

become the center of attention


Send me a message, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to go over all the nitty gritty.

Who doesn’t like a good appetizer?

Before your session we will spend some time getting to know one another. We will chat about what you want from your experience and how we can customize it to your unique wants, and how I can make you comfortable throughout the whole process


During your session you can be as elegant or as spicy as you would like. The options and creativity are endless. I promise the images we create will be just as unique as you are.

You have the Q’s & I have the A’s

Listen, I get it! You’ve probably spent some time looking at inspirational photo’s telling yourself that you could never look like that. Well have no fear! I have spent years trying to find the perfect way to pose my clients, where their true selves come to life. With emotion, expression and freedom. I have found that having you in full motion, kinda like a mini dance party, you not only become more comfortable, but you also get to truly be yourself . I walk you through everything, every step of the way. Believe me! You got this!

You’ve got this! Similar to putting off boudoir or nude session until you lose weight, gain muscle or get into better shape, well, that’s your inner bully coming out and I want you to know you are not alone. There’s another voice that is dying to come to the surface. Your inner bad ass. You know that person that tells you “Oh yea baby, I am rocking it”. Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t dig that sucker out of the depths. We will work together to bring it to the light. Many of my clients are between the ages of 25-50 and I have worked with clients that are in their 60’s as well. Not everyone want’s their images shared, no matter how amazing they look. So, even if you feel like you aren’t desirable anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t work together to show just how beautiful and sexy you are no matter your age.

Nope! Not if you don’t want to be. Most of my client’s start their session’s fully clothed and as their session goes on, they find themselves feeling more comfortable and decide to take one article of clothing off at a time. If that isn’t your jam there is absolutely no pressure! Your session is all about you after all!

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You are in total control of where your images go. Whether they stick with you privately, only in my VIP facebook group, or share anonymous images only, the choice is yours!

Hell yea I am! I believe every human is gorgeous and deserves to have a safe place to express and explore their sexy side! My doors are open to everyone!

My Main studio is located in Roseville, MI. This studio is where I tap into my creative dark and moody juices. I also have two other spaces that I rent depending on the vibe you want for your session. If you are wanting a more homy and mysterious feel, I recommend the Detroit Historical home. If you are wanting more minimalistic, I recommend our Ferndale location.

You deserve to have the best experience ever! Boudoir starts with a $250 session fee. Products and Images are sold separately. Collections start at $795.

leave your clothes and doubts at the door

My main focus at your Detroit boudoir photography photoshoot is to have you feel confident and comfortable. My studio is your safe haven and I welcome you to embrace your true self and leave the trends behind. I’ll help you every step of the way to make sure your boudoir photoshoot is just as unique as you are


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